We’re here to help you navigate your training, pursue career development, and readily assist with information and resources.

Career & Professional Development

Our CPD team offers resources, programs, and advising to empower trainees and enhance their training outcomes.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Learn about DEI resources, events, and student spotlights.

Student Groups

Find information on our student groups related to outreach, education, DEI, scicomm, professional development, community building, mental health, and more!


Visit our MEDPREP student portal for all the announcements, information, and resources needed to help you succeed.


Visit the PREP page to contact the PREP team and find information relevant to you.

What is OGPS?

The Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) is a core unit in the University of Michigan Medical School — Office of Research. Our support covers graduate programs in biomedical studies (Such as the PIBS collection of 14 programs), and postbac programs PREP & MEDPREP. OGPS also supports all postdoctoral researchers within Michigan Medicine – making us one of the largest hubs for postdoc-specific support. We are committed to the professional growth, wellness, and overall success of all of our trainees.

Student & Postdoc Support

We support programs in a myriad of ways in both administration and student success. For students and postdocs, all of our career & professional development opportunities and health & wellness initiatives are focused on you. We also share student successes and aim to highlight their science along with promoting the activities of student groups.


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