Our Team

The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) is a unit under the Medicals School’s Office of Research. We serve and support the educational mission within the Medical School’s research enterprise.

Our office consists of four divisions which represents the major functions of our office:

  • Academic Programs
  • Enrollment & Academic Success
  • Professional Development & Trainee Support
  • Training Grant Support, Data & Evaluation

We focus on research trainees (students and postdoctoral fellows), so they can focus on the learning and training that allows them to do great science.

Faculty Leadership

Zaneta Nikolovska-Coleska, PhD

Associate Dean Graduate
Education and Postdoctoral Studies

Email: zanetan@umich.edu 

Scott Barolo, PhD

Director of PIBS

Email: sbarolo@umich.edu

Michele Swanson, PhD

Director of Postdoctoral Studies

Email: mswanson@umich.edu


Kevin Calhoun

Administrative Director

Email: kacalh@umich.edu

Dawn Storball

Assistant Director

Email: dawneche@umich.edu

Kristin Zolynsky

Communication Specialist

Email: zolynsky@med.umich.edu

Division of Academic Programs

Annie Knill

Associate Director of Academic Programs

Email: ahilde@umich.edu

Sam Wilhelmi

Program Manager

Email: sweisner@umich.edu

Erin King

Program Coordinator

Email: erinkin@umich.edu

Lauren Perl

Program Manager

Email: perllaum@med.umich.edu

Catrice Evans

Program Manager

Email: evcatric@umich.edu

Rachel Harbach

Program Coordinator

Email: neuroscience.program@umich.edu

Vicky Martin

Administrative Assistant Sr.

Email: vrickman@umich.edu

Valerie Smith

Student Affairs Program Manager

Email: vssj@med.umich.edu

Division of Enrollment and Academic Success

TJ Shannon

Associate Director of Enrollment & Academic Services

Email: tjshanno@umich.edu

Patrick Shrader

Graduate Enrollment Program Manager

Email: pcshrade@med.umich.edu

Laura Napieralski, M.Ed

Graduate Enrollment Coordinator

Email: lasamuel@med.umich.edu

Debra Butler, PhD

Program Manager for Student Success & Academic Programs

Email: dbutle@umich.edu


Michelle Melis

Academic Affairs & Student Success Coordinator

Email: msmtegan@umich.edu

Matt Wishart, PhD


Steven Pejuan, LMSW, ACSW

Academic Advisor

Email: umms-postbac@med.umich.edu

Division of Professional Development and Trainee Success

Kaylee Steen

Associate Director of Professional Development & Trainee Support

Email: steenk@umich.edu

Ioannis Vasileios Chremos, Ph.D.

Program Manager for Career & Professional Development

Email: ichremos@umich.edu

Reginald Hammond Jr.

Program Manager for Academic Affairs, Trainee Success & DEI

Email: reginham@umich.edu


Helen McDowell, M.A.

Coordinator, Trainee Success & DEI

Email: mchelen@med.umich.edu


Kate Hagadone, PhD, LP

Health & Wellness Counselor

Email: hagadone@med.umich.edu


LaNeisha Murphy, LPC, NCC, ACS

Health & Wellness Counselor

Email: mlaneish@umich.edu

Division of Training Grant Support, Data, & Evaluation

Jessica Schwartz, PhD

Director, Training Grants Support

Email: jeschwar@med.umich.edu



Catherine Mitchell

Training Grants Support Consultant

Email: cathym@med.umich.edu


Margaret Allen

Training Grants Support Consultant

Email: allenm@umich.edu


Isaac Roussel

Project Manager

Email: iroussel@med.umich.edu


Inah Ko

Program Evaluation Specialist

Email: inahko@umich.edu