A total of forty-four graduate students from our 14 PhD programs were recognized at the Graduate Student Awards Celebration for their excellence in Research, Teaching, Service, Entrepreneurship, and Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The caliber of nominations was outstanding and OGPS is honored to have so many students making a difference in their programs and in the community. This year, our winners were:

Mikel Haggadone – Nominated by Immunology for Excellence in Teaching

Christina Vallianatos – Nominated by Human Genetics for Excellence in Service

Tony Larkin – Nominated by Neuroscience for Excellence in Promoting DEI

Jackie Durkin – Nominated by Neuroscience for Excellence in Research

Wei Zhou – Nominated by Bioinformatics for Excellence in Research

Heming Yao – Nominated by Bioinformatics for Excellence in Entrepreneurship

Naincy Chandan – Nominated by Pharmacology for Excellence in Entrepreneurship


But, all of our nominees deserve recognition. Our honorable mentions included:

Ricardo Albanus – Bioinformatics, Teaching

Haley Amamiya – CMB, Service

Devika Bagchi – MIP, Teaching

Alexandra Bouza – Pharmacology, Promoting DEI

Breane Budaitis – CMB, Promoting DEI

David Bushart – MIP, Research

Murchtricia Charles – Bioinformatics, Promoting DEI

Jessica Chen – Neuroscience, Service

Jennifer Chik – CMB, Teaching

Jessica Cote – Neuroscience, Service

Rucheng Diao – Bioinformatics, Teaching

Dan Doyle – Neuroscience, Teaching

Nnamdi Edokobi – Pharmacology, Promoting DEI

Anabel Flores – CMB, Promoting DEI

Elizabeth Fogarty – Neuroscience, Research

Matthew Gaidica – Neuroscience, Teaching

Katie Gentry – Biophysics, Research

Jacqueline Graniel – CDB, Promoting DEI

Katelyn Green – CMB, Research

Allegra Hawkins – Cancer Biology, Research

Blake Heath – Immunology, Promoting DEI

Josh Karslake – Biophysics, Teaching

Giovanny Martinez-Colon – Immunology, Research

Alyssa Miller – CMB, Research

Amanda Moccia – Human Genetics, Research

Sierra Nance – MIP, Promoting DEI

Shyama Nandakumar – MCDB, Service

Kyriel Pineault – CDB, Research

Cara Porsche – Immunology, Service

Christie Rodriguez Ramirez – Cancer Biology, Service

James Ropa – MCP, Research

Molly Thorson – CMB, Teaching

Daniel Triner – MIP, Research

Arushi Varshney – Human Genetics, Research,

Sonya Wolf – Immunology, Promoting DEI

Brooke Wolford – Bioinformatics, Service

Lu Yu – MCDB, Research

Chengxin Zhang – Bioinformatics, Research