Effectively communicating scientific goals and achievements are crucial for securing funding and fellowships, in getting research published, in science advocacy, and in being competitive at the job market. Scientists communicate their work in many formats.  Content, styles, and lengths of communication vary depending on the platform and the target audience. Therefore, engaging effectively both with fellow scientists and with the general public are equally important skills to hone.  Graduate and postdoctoral training years serve as the ideal time for developing trainees into proficient writers and speakers. Written and spoken skill development requires time and practice as it carefully interweaves scientific acumen with communication competencies.

Communication Toolkits

OGPS Elevator Pitch Quick Guide

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OGPS Poster Presentations Guide 2018

OGPS Poster Template (PowerPoint)

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Scientific Talk Design and Presentation

OGPS Job Talks Quick Guide

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Science Writing for Non-Science Educated Audiences
Workplace Communication
Writing - Proposals, Manuscripts, Grants