Learning by Engagement

Effectively engaging with people and building professional relationships are important success tools that begin in training years and extend through to later career years. Professional engagement brings many benefits along the way such as setting up unique collaborations, first peek into job openings, new mentoring relationships, exciting opportunities for professional growth, and simply expanding your professional network. Such engagements happen via email, social media, and/or in person not limited to formal conferences or seminars.  Successful engagement requires sound professional etiquette, which is also crucial for one’s growth as a mentor and leader. Our hands-on workshops and consultations will support in honing your skills in this area. We also encourage you to connect with trainee and local organizations where you can build and enhance your own network of peer professionals.  Postdocs are also encouraged to engage with the University of Michigan Postdoctoral Association (UMPDA).

Active Networking

Local Networking Opportunities

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Informational Interviews

OGPS Informational Interview Quick Guide 2018

The ACE Plan: “Cold E-Mails and Hot Coffee” – A handbook for career exploration and networking for busy science PhD’s written by University of Michigan graduate students, faculty, and staff.



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LinkedIn and Social Media

OGPS LinkedIn Quick Guide 2018

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