The Graduate Student Awards Celebration is approaching and we are now accepting nominations for graduate student awardees in five categories: Excellence in Research, Service, Teaching, Entrepreneurship, and Promoting Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

This year, ANYONE can nominate a student. Please check with the student’s programĀ Director, Grad Chair, or Grad Coordinator to learn the internal nomination deadline for that program. Each program will submit up to two nominees per category to OGPS for final selection.

Awardees will receive recognition and $500 at the Graduate Student Awards Celebration on July 19th, 2018 from 6-8pm at the BSRB Seminar Rooms ABC.

So, if you know (or if you are) a student who has done something worth celebrating, get in touch with the program to become a candidate! Please note that all PhD students in PIBS-affiliated programs are eligible, even if they are a “direct-admit” student who did not enter under the PIBS umbrella.

View award category descriptions and details here.