Kate is a fully licensed psychologist with experience working with students, trainees, faculty, and staff in a wide variety of settings. She completed her MA and PhD degrees in Counseling Psychology from Southern Illinois University. She provides a safe, confidential space where OGPS trainees can explore the challenges they’re facing and helps them to determine what changes they would like to make. She utilizes an integrative approach drawing from humanistic/biopsychosocial therapy base, integrating techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal, and mindfulness perspectives to best meet the individual needs of each trainee.

Kate provides brief, individual & group coaching and counseling for trainees on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to): stress management, increasing overall wellness, improving work-life balance, decreasing procrastination, learning new coping skills, improving communication, as well as addressing identity and relationship concerns, anxiety, and depression. Kate also provides individual consultation for faculty on helping them address concerns about trainees’ well-being.