Program in Biomedical Sciences




PIBS students do not need to register for classes before Welcome Week (which starts August 24th); however, you must register for at least one class before August 31st or late fees will apply. Register for at least 9 credits each Fall and Winter term. You must get approval from PIBS for a course load of more than 12 credits.

Students consult with Scott Barolo, Director of PIBS; Michelle Melis, Academic & HR Coordinator; and the Grad Chairs and Student Service Representatives in their primary program(s) of interest before registering for courses.


  • PIBS 600, Sec 027, Research Rotation, 3-4 credits,
     graded course

  • PIBS 800: PIBS Seminar Series, 1 credit, graded course




Spring/Summer 2021: Students do not register for courses.

You can start registering for PIBS 600, Sec 027 (Independent Study, 3-4 credits) in late July. To register for this independent study course:

  • Register via Wolverine Access > Student Business > Student Center > Backpack/Registration
  • Uncheck “Show Open Classes Only”
  • Check “Include Independent Study Classes”  
  • Enroll in Scott Barolo’s section, #027
  • Choose the number of credits (3-4) to bring your total to at least 9 total credits (no more than 12 overall).
  • To change the number of credit hours, you must edit the course. Do not drop PIBS 600 without consulting Michelle Melis

Program Specific Courses

You can start registering for courses in late July. To get started with course selection for fall and winter, you can find a course schedule through the Office of the Registrar and descriptions for each course on the U-M Course Catalog. Your program(s) of interest may suggest or require certain courses in the first year. Some courses can count for multiple programs or can be substituted and applied to another program, in case you switch. Meet with the Graduate Chair of your primary PhD program(s) of interest to discuss these options. 

Most PIBS-affiliated PhD programs offer a 1-credit student seminar course that is highly recommended for students interested in that program. Consult the program websites and/or program advisor for more information.


Once completed, PIBS will receive a report that you have met the training requirements.Safety Training: PIBS students are also required to complete the following OSEH Lab Safety Trainings prior to starting work in a lab.

  • BLS025w: General Laboratory Safety Training
  • BLS101w: Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  • BLS204w: Shipping Regulations for Shipping Materials with Dry Ice
  • BLS COVIDw: Working Safely in U-M Research Areas 
  • Note: Other courses may be required by your specific lab.

To do this, go to Wolverine Access. Under the Faculty and Staff tab, find MyLinc. Log into MyLinc with your uniqname and password and use the search bar to find the courses listed above. Once completed, PIBS will receive a report that you have met the training requirements.



In order to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic and the possibility that rotation students’ access to at-the-bench training will be limited, PIBS has adapted the 2020-21 rotation schedule to allow for either 8-week or 4-week rotations. Students who do a 4-week rotation can later return to the same lab for another 4 weeks, if they wish. See this page for a full description of the rotation system and calendar of PIBS rotations.

PIBS Fall & Winter Rotations

Resources for Choosing a Rotation Lab

  • List of PIBS faculty who are actively seeking rotation students in 2020-21 (coming soon)
  • PIBS faculty search page
  • Websites for the 13 PhD programs
  • UM Experts Database
  • Our best advice is to talk to students, faculty, staff, and program advisors about your research interests and which labs/mentors might be a good fit for you.

Setting up a Rotation

Make contact with faculty whose research interests you. Set up a meeting to discuss potential research projects, the lab environment, the mentor’s philosophy for research and mentoring, and both of your expectations and goals for a research rotation. 

Once you and a PIBS faculty member have agreed on a rotation, set up a meeting (this will probably be via Zoom) to fill out and discuss the PIBS Fall Rotation Worksheet together. Then email the completed form to Michelle Melis, your rotation mentor, and your program advisor(s).

NOTE: We are currently updating the PIBS Rotation Worksheet to account for the Covid-related changes to rotations; in August we will post the new form on the PIBS 600 Canvas site. We won’t require physical signatures because of social distancing, so be sure that PIBS, your rotation mentor, and your program advisor all receive copies of the completed form via email.

Timing of Rotations

Rotation Schedule

***If you feel your rotation is not working out, or if you do not feel safe and respected in your current rotation, please contact Scott Barolo or Michelle Melis to discuss your options.***

Rotation Worksheets

You’ll get your Rotation Worksheets before the start of each term. You can also access them here:

***If you feel your rotation is not working out, please see Michelle DiMondo, Michelle Melis, or Scott Barolo as soon as possible to discuss your options. It is possible to change labs, but there is a process. You will be asked to have back-up rotations lined up and these must be approved by the PIBS Office as well as your primary program’s Grad Chair. Once the new rotation has been approved, simply submit a new rotation worksheet to make it official and you may begin working in that lab for the agreed-upon length of time (full-term, half-term). You will also be responsible for notifying your current rotation mentor of your decision to end the rotation early.***

 Rules for PIBS research rotations by Scott Barolo, PIBS Director:

  • You must complete OSEH Lab Safety training before starting work in your lab rotation. You can do this online through MyLinc in Wolverine Access (see details above).
  • You can do 8-week in-lab rotations or 4-week virtual rotations in the Fall term. Discuss these options with your rotation mentor. Fill out the PIBS Rotation Worksheet together and send it to PIBS, your rotation mentor, and your program advisor by email.
  • Rotations must be listed on the Rotation Worksheet and approved by the faculty member, PIBS, and the advisor from your PhD program of interest. If you submit the Worksheet and then decide to do a rotation in a different lab, just contact PIBS.
  • You cannot rotate in a lab in which you have already done significant amount of research in (more than a summer). If you think there is a good reason for an exception, talk to Scott.
  • PIBS first-year students may not do any work for a lab outside of their official rotation time in that lab. This rule is designed to protect students from being pressured to work for two labs at once. Give all of your research energy to the lab you’re currently rotating in!
  • Students can’t make an agreement to join a lab before March 15th, in order to give everyone a fair chance to do rotations before students start matching with labs.
  • Near the end of the rotation, set up an ‘exit interview’ with your rotation mentor. The PIBS Rotation Evaluation Form must be filled out by both you and your mentor. The form will be provided on the PIBS 600 Canvas site.