Program in Biomedical Sciences



PIBS students do not need to register for classes before Welcome Week (the week of August 21st); however, you must register for at least one class before August 28th or late fees will apply. Register for at least 9 credits each Fall and Winter term. You must get approval from PIBS for a course load of more than 12 credits.

Students should consult with Scott Barolo, Director of PIBS; Michelle Melis, Academic & HR Coordinator; and the Grad Chairs and Student Service Representatives in their primary program(s) of interest before registering for courses.


Fall 2023

  • PIBS 601 & 602, Sec 001, Lab Rotation I & II, 2 credits each,
    graded course
  • PIBS 800: PIBS Seminar Series, 1 credit, graded course
  • PIBS 503: Research Responsibility and Ethics, 1 credit, pass/fail course
  • Program-specific course(s) [see below]


Winter 2024


Spring/Summer 2023: Students do not register for courses.

You can register for PIBS 601 & 602, Sec 001, Lab Rotation I & II, 2 credits each in late July, once your lab rotations requests are approved in the Education Management System (EdM). 

To register for this course:

  • Register via Wolverine Access > Student Business > Student Center > Backpack/Registration
  • Uncheck “Show Open Classes Only”
  • Enroll in Scott Barolo’s section, #001
  • Choose the number of credits (2-4) to bring your total to at least 9 total credits (no more than 12 overall) for the term.
  • To change the number of credit hours, you must edit the course. Do not drop the lab rotation course without consulting Michelle Melis

Required Safety Courses

The three following courses are required for all new PIBS students. Be sure you are registering for the correct course as some names are similar. Also, please keep in mind that there may be training required by your PI based on the work you do in their laboratory. When you start your rotation, be sure to ask if there is additional training the lab requires beyond these three.
EHS_BLS025w Chemical Laboratory Safety
(1.5 hr) Chemical Laboratory Safety Training is intended for anyone working in a University of Michigan research laboratory. This interactive training covers the requirements specified in MIOSHA Part 431, Hazardous Work in Laboratories.
EHS_BLS101W Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogens Training
(1.5 hr) This training course replaces BLS101w and is intended for U-M laboratory personnel who work in a lab that has a biological safety containment level of 2 (BSL-2), which includes those who may reasonably anticipate contact with human blood, blood products, tissues, fluids or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM), including human cell lines. Training includes: Risk groups & containment determination, BSL-2 policies and practices, MIOSHA BBP training, personal protective equipment (PPE), biosafety cabinets and aerosols. Procedures for the safe handling of sharps, waste, spills, as well as reporting for injuries and/or exposures are covered.
EHS_BLS204w Requirements for Shipping Non-Dangerous Goods with Dry Ice
(60 min) This training is required for all U-M faculty, staff, and students who perform any activities involved with processing dry ice shipments that contain no other hazardous materials or infectious substances. This includes individuals who complete the required paperwork. EHS_BLS204w satisfies US Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations for how to properly label, package and ship dry ice with non-dangerous goods. You will learn the hazards associated with handling dry ice. Retraining is required every two years to remain compliant.

To Access Courses:

  • Click on the link provided in the course name
  • Log into the eLearning system, My LINC, using your UM uniqname and level 1 password, you will need to authenticate with DUO
  • Begin the module by clicking the blue “Start” button on the upper right

If you have trouble accessing MyLINC, visit the support page or email

Verify Compliance

  • Return to the My LINC home page and select “Certifications History” in the left navigation menu
  • Click on the appropriate courses to open your activity details and select the image of a certificate with a small ribbon next to the name of the course to display your certificate of completion
  • Save a PDF of each certificate for your records, you may be asked to provide them in the future

Complete verification before July 1st if you’re a Summer starter and before August 28th if you are a Fall starter.

Program Specific Courses

You can start registering for courses in late July. To get started with course selection for fall and winter, you can find a course schedule through the Office of the Registrar and descriptions for each course on the U-M Course Catalog. Your program(s) of interest may suggest or require certain courses in the first year. Some courses can count for multiple programs or can be substituted and applied to another program, in case you switch. Meet with the Graduate Chair of your primary PhD program(s) of interest to discuss these options. 

Most PIBS-affiliated PhD programs offer a 1-credit student seminar course that is highly recommended for students interested in that program. Consult the program websites and/or program advisor for more information.