October 13th proved to be a great day in Ann Arbor – with trees dancing in the breeze and a pleasant 73°F with gentle sunlight.

The air of this beautiful day at Palmer Field was filled by the sounds of crashing wood from large Jenga pieces, cheering, and laughter of students, staff, and faculty. Upon arrival, students were greeted by PIBS and OGPS employees, wrapped sandwiches and cookies from Jimmy John’s, and many activities to connect over.

So why was this field day event held? “We wanted to provide a day for graduate students of the PIBS 2020 Cohort to gather. After a year or so in isolation, this group hasn’t had the chances that the classes before it have had to connect.” Said Scott Barolo, PIBS Director. This was indeed the case and demand for such an event was exposed. About one-third of the original cohort (approx. 32 students) appeared throughout the event.

Intense, chess-like games of Connect Four were played throughout the day. Kan Jam brought out the competitiveness (and sweat) of those who played. We saw the artistic talents of our students who painted rocks. Yard Pong brought a challenging iteration of a familiar game – without the party fouls.

“It was relaxing to get out and see the students and our directors have a good time.” Said Michelle Melis, Student Services Representative “Those that showed up were very appreciative.”

A visual recapture of the event can be seen in the image gallery below.