Program in Biomedical Sciences

Funding and Benefits


All of our graduate students who are in good academic standing are supported financially through the duration of the graduate studies. Each student receives tuition, stipend, and health care benefits. After the PIBS year, students continue to receive the same level of funding and benefits. This support is drawn from a variety of sources, including department funds, U-M funds, training grants, research grants and individual fellowships.

Stipend and Taxes

The annual stipend for PIBS trainees is $38,970.

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The PIBS Year

The payment schedule for trainees will be released in August 2023. Graduate students are responsible for paying taxes on this income. Note that while domestic students will not have taxes automatically deducted from their paycheck, international students may. It is advised that you understand quarterly estimated tax procedures. Refer to Rackham Graduate School’s Tax Information for Fellowship Recipients for more information. Visit the Student Financial Services website for more information on 1098-T forms.

After the PIBS Year

After you matriculate from PIBS and move into your thesis lab, your mentor will be responsible for your funding, meaning your stipend pay dates will likely change. Talk to your SSR about when you can expect to be paid once you have chosen your permanent program. It is possible that you may have to plan for the scenario that your last PIBS pay check is mid-month, and your next pay check from your permanent program isn’t until the end of the next month.

Additionally, any time your funding source changes, the type of appointment you hold may also change (e.g., Fellow, Grad Student Research Assistant, or Grad Student Instructor). Depending on the type of appointment you have, the university may or may not deduct taxes from your paycheck, but your stipend is always taxable. If taxes are not withheld from your paycheck, you still must pay taxes on that income.

When you leave your PIBS year and any other time you change funding in the course of your graduate career, talk to your SSR about what type of appointment you will hold and what you can expect for tax deductions.

Health Benefits

U-M provides GradCare and Dental Option 1 for you and your dependents. Additional benefits selections including Dental Option 2-3 will be billed to your student account and you will have to pay them monthly.  The invitation to enroll in benefits will be sent to your U-M email, and will include instructions for enrolling through Wolverine Access. Find the full details of your benefits plans on U-M’S Benefits Website for Gradcare. Your health and dental benefits will take effect on July 1 or September 1, depending on your chosen start date. If you are currently a U-M employee receiving staff benefits, work with your department administrator to identify your termination date and then call the U-M Benefits Office at 734-615-2000 (option 1, then option 1) so they can walk you through your specific situation.

Additional U-M Benefits and Services