Program in Biomedical Sciences

Policies and Procedures

In addition to Rackham’s Policies and Procedures, make sure you’re familiar with policies specific to PIBS.

Vacation Policy

PIBS students may take off on all official university holidays and season days plus two weeks (10 business days, M-F) of your choice per year (in consultation with your thesis mentor). Any deviations from this must be approved by your thesis mentor and your department/ program graduate chair. For first-year students, this means your current rotation mentor and the PIBS Director.


Graduate students in the Program in Biomedical Sciences are expected to commit full-time effort to their academic coursework, scientific research, and professional development. PIBS students may not seek employment in any position where regularly scheduled work commitments are expected. Sporadic activities, such as babysitting, are not considered regular employment, but also should not interfere with the student’s doctoral education and research. Students should not compromise the quality of their education and research by making employment commitments that impact their graduate studies.

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