Program in Biomedical Sciences




2022-23 PIBS Rotation Schedule

Summer 2022

Rotation 0 (optional): July 1 - August 19

Fall 2022

Rotation 1: August 29 - October 19
Rotation 2: October 24 - December 16

Winter 2023

Rotation 3: January 4 - February 28
Rotation 4: March 6 - April 26

Spring 2023

Rotation 5: May 1 - June 30

Resources to Help You Choose Rotation Labs

Setting up a Rotation

Make contact with faculty whose research interests you. Set up a meeting to discuss potential research projects, the lab environment, the mentor’s philosophy for research and mentoring, and both of your expectations and goals for a research rotation. 

Once you and a PIBS faculty member have agreed on a rotation, set up a meeting (this may be via Zoom) to fill out and discuss the PIBS Fall Rotation Worksheet together. Then email the completed form to Michelle Melis, your rotation mentor, and your program advisor(s).


***If you feel your rotation is not working out, or if you do not feel safe and respected in your current rotation, please contact Michelle Melis or Reginald Hammond to discuss your options.***

Rotation Forms

Rotation worksheets and evaluation forms will be posted on the PIBS 600 and PIBS 800 Canvas sites before the start of each term. Once the term has started you will upload forms there instead of emailing them.


***If you feel your rotation is not working out, please see Reginald Hammond, Michelle Melis, or Scott Barolo as soon as possible to discuss your options. It is possible to change labs, but there is a process. You will be asked to have back-up rotations lined up and these must be approved by the PIBS Office as well as your primary program’s Grad Chair. Once the new rotation has been approved, simply submit a new rotation worksheet to make it official and you may begin working in that lab for the agreed-upon length of time (full-term, half-term). You will also be responsible for notifying your current rotation mentor of your decision to end the rotation early.***

 Rules for PIBS research rotations by Scott Barolo, PIBS Director:

  • You must complete OSEH Lab Safety training before starting work in your lab rotation. You can do this online through MyLinc in Wolverine Access (see PIBS Courses page).
  • Fill out the PIBS Rotation Worksheet together and send it to PIBS, your rotation mentor, and your program advisor by email.
  • Rotations must be listed on the Rotation Worksheet and approved by the faculty member, PIBS, and the advisor from your PhD program of interest. If you submit the Worksheet and then decide to do a rotation in a different lab, just contact PIBS.
  • You cannot rotate in a lab in which you have already done significant amount of research in (more than a summer). If you think there is a good reason for an exception, talk to Scott.
  • PIBS first-year students may not do any work for a lab outside of their official rotation time in that lab. This rule is designed to protect students from being pressured to work for two labs at once. Give all of your research energy to the lab you’re currently rotating in!
  • Students and faculty can’t make an agreement to join a lab before March 1st, in order to give everyone a fair chance to do rotations before students start matching with labs.
  • Near the end of the rotation, set up an ‘exit interview’ with your rotation mentor. The PIBS Rotation Evaluation Form must be filled out by both you and your mentor. The form will be provided on the PIBS 600 Canvas site.