Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program


PREP BiWeekly Meetings
The PREP cohort will meet with the PREP Program Directors every other Tuesday from 9:00am – 10:00am. This is a mandatory meeting. PREP students must notify the Program Coordinator in advance if they are unable to attend. Please note that in July and August, PREP Program Director meetings are weekly.

GRE Preparation Course
Attendance to a GRE Preparation Course is mandatory for members of the PREP cohort. This course provides one GRE preparation book and receive instruction from a Kaplan GRE Instructor. Please check back for 2018 GRE course schedule.

PIBS 503 Course – Research, Responsibility, and Ethics
Research Responsibility and Ethics is required by the NIH of all PREP trainees during the fall term. Kate Barald, the course director, offers a one-day “RRE marathon” covering all the required topics in one Saturday that fulfills this course requirement. If you cannot attend on this day, students can schedule their own attendance at the required 8 sessions using the PIBS 503 interactive calendar

PIBS 800 Course – Surviving and Succeeding in Graduate School
PIBS 800 is a seminar course that is required for first year PIBS students and PREP students are also expected to attend. PIBS 800 presents information for success in graduate school, career development, leadership, wellness, and problem-solving.

Laboratory Safety Training
As we all know, labs can be hazardous. Thankfully, the University of Michigan’s Environment, Health & Safety department is dedicated to reducing risks for you. They offer online safety training courses, and as PREP scholars, you are required to participate in the following courses: General Laboratory Safety Training, Biosafety and Blood Borne Pathogen Training, and Shipping Regulations for Shipping Materials with Dry Ice.

To do this, go to Wolverine Access. Under the Faculty and Staff tab, find MyLinc. Log into MyLinc with your uniqname and password and use the search bar to find the courses listed above.


Optional UM Course and Rackham Graduate School Workshops
After consultation with research mentors and mentoring committee, PREP trainees are allowed to take one UM course in the fall term and the winter term. These can be graduate courses (highly recommended) or undergraduate courses, but are limited to one per term. PREP scholars are also encouraged to sign up for Rackham social events, professional and academic workshops, health and wellness activities, and other programming throughout the year. Visit the calendar to explore upcoming Rackham events.