Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Understanding and Combating Racism

Our faculty and staff in the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies share the anguish and distress we are all feeling for the tragic and wrongful death of George Floyd and the history of senseless violence perpetrated on Black people. Although our community and nation is in crisis right now, institutional racism is nothing new and it is our responsibility to combat it. While science brings us together, racial injustice and a culture permeated by inequity are deeply injuring friends and colleagues of color. 

Sometimes we hear science and academia spoken of as a meritocracy, as if bias and racism are not here in our hallways. That is not the lived experience of students, postdocs, staff and faculty of color.  For allies (and as decent human beings), it is our privilege to do the hard work of listening, learning and changing to make this community a place where all can thrive. 

Michigan Medicine’s Office of Health Equity & Inclusion (OHEI) has assembled a collection of tools related to anti-racism. The University of Michigan’s response has been supportive of these views across campus and has collected them here.

The University of Michigan is truly an outstanding place to live, learn, and grow as a scientist. We are a community that values diversity and our student organizations play an important role in striving to ensure that Michigan continues to maintain a diverse environment. PIBS students come from all over the world, bringing with them a set of talents, achievements, and perspectives that help nurture a supportive and open academic space.

DEI Spotlight


Blake Heath

PhD Candidate, Program in Immunology

Hometown: Little Rock, AR/Plano, Tx

“It has been a privilege to be working towards a PhD at Michigan. I want to ensure that I’m doing what I can to elevate the voices of biomedical scientists from traditionally underrepresented and marginalized communities.” -Blake 

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