Health & Wellness

Personal well-being is a life-long journey.

The Health and Wellness Committee at the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies was formed to help identify the health and wellness needs of our graduate students, postbac trainees, postdocs, and faculty. They meet monthly to identify new resources, discuss possible programming, and problem solve ways to support the various dimensions of health and well-being for all of those associated with OGPS.
We encourage our trainees, faculty, and staff to embrace the concept that thriving in life goes beyond being successful in their studies, research, and careers. Personal well-being is a journey, with many aspects to consider. We hope to connect you to resources that help you find balance and purpose in every dimension of your life. Through a holistic approach that recognizes the many dimensions of wellness, everyone can achieve personal and mindful awareness that is directly connected to thriving, both now and in the future.

Image courtesy of University Health Services.

Committee Members

William Close – Postdoc, Microbiology & Immunology

Jessica Cote – PhD student, Neuroscience

Robert Doherty – PhD student, Neuroscience

Maggie Evans – OGPS Staff

Catherine Garber – OGPS Staff

Justine Hein – Student Affairs Program Manager, MSTP

Emily Jutkiewicz РAssistant Professor, Pharmacology

Kelsey Kochan – PhD student, Pharmacology

Nicole Koropatkin – Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology

Kathryn Melvin – OGPS Staff

Greg Palmateer – MEDPREP student

Stephanie Pistorius – PhD student, Neuroscience

Sydney Smith – PhD student, Immunology

Jennifer Sun – MD/PhD student, MSTP

Tia Tsimpanouli – Postdoc, Neurology