Training Grant Directors & Admins
Training Program Administration


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Participating Faculty

Common Research Interests

Dedication to Mentoring

Applying for a position on an institutional grant – funding is provided for stipend, tuition, travel, and training expenses.

Admissions and Trainee Appointments


For admissions information and statistics, please view the PIBS Admissions page.

Training Plan


Preliminary Exam and Preliminary Exam Committee

Thesis Committee

Thesis Research

Outcomes: Thesis and defense, presentations at professional meetings, publications in the scientific literature

Special Training Events

Symposia, Retreat, Short Course, Teaching, Internships, Scientific Meetings

Career and Professional Development

The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Career and Professional Development Team was established in 2017 and uses a rigorous and tailored approach in their intentionally planned programs to meet the needs of their graduate, postdoctoral, and postbaccalaureate communities. Their programs are intended to empower learners in the eight competency areas using a hands-on approach. They have cultivated strong relationships with several units within the UM Medical School and university overall, allowing for successful collaborative programming across these units.

The Career and Professional Development Team strives to ensure that every member of their academic community can develop the necessary professional skills and use the best resources available to enhance their current training outcomes and to smoothly transition into their chosen career paths. They provide both one-on-one career advising and weekly programmed events which are constantly tuned based on sound pedagogy, feedback data from attendees, and input from students, faculty advisors, staff, and leadership.

Read more about OGPS Career & Professional Development resources and programming.

Meeting NIH Training Requirements

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

OGPS offers PIBS 503: Research Responsibility and Ethics (fall term). Trainees need a refresher every 4 years. RCR may also include Program Specific activities.

Deadline for 2018 enrollment is Oct. 1. For questions, contact

Rigor and Transparency in Research

OGPS offers PIBS 504: Rigor & Reproducibility Training (winter term). Rigor and Transparency may also include Program Specific activities.

Deadline for 2018 enrollment is Feb. 1. For questions, contact

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity Boilerplate Language provided by Peter Hitchcock, Associate Dean of Rackham. Includes Commitment to Diversity, Recruitment Plan, and Retention Plan

Annual Progress Report (NIH RPPR)